When I lost my sister last month I reflected over the greatest lesson she had shared with me over her lifetime. She shared many life lessons because she had so much wisdom. The greatest gift we have, however, is gratitude.

Gratitude is a beautiful, driving emotion.

In this community, if you have gratitude, you realize that people are willing to be good neighbors who put others before themselves.

We have a Board of volunteers who give of their time to attempt to make things here a bit better each and every day. It is a constant struggle, and yet they show up for you day after day.

Be grateful to them.

You have in your lives the beauty that Mother Nature provides in all her glory. Each day the sun rises, though some days we can see it better that others, and some days we can feel it in our hearts as we breathe in the fragrances that remind us of her bounty.

We share differences that enrich our lives, if we only embrace them fully. There is a melting pot of culture and ethnicity and belief that empowers us if we only choose to be empowered by it. Through our differences we learn to laugh and to dance and to not take life quite so seriously 100% of the time. We join in acknowledging the great losses we experience together, and rejoice in the good fortunes of our neighbors. We welcome their families to join us and enjoy our little community of diversity.

My sister’s life was a gift to me. Gifts, we realize, are not fully appreciated at the time they are given. A gift of learning, of love and adventure were continuously mine for the asking, all I had to do was listen with my heart and the story was there. We all have that opportunity, if only we will be patient, and listen not with our ears but our heart.

I wanted to enrich this community because I felt I had a vision that could be shared. It is still there, and even though progress is slow, it IS moving forward. If you choose to see that my attempt at leadership is all about rules, you are missing the point completely.

We are a society of human beings. Because we are human, we have the potential to become more and more egocentric through life experiences, unless we have the wisdom to listen to those who are wiser than we are. Those who are wiser than we are know that the beauty of life comes when all things are in balance: good and bad. We celebrate the good, but the bad teaches us to be strong, to have compassion, and to be patient for the things that truly matter to present themselves.

Human beings are forgetful. We learn all through life that we are a culmination of our experiences, but we forget that all of those experiences give us character. They inform our decisions on how to act. Do we act out of hatred because we were slighted in some way, or do we grasp the lesson of being slighted as an opportunity to pay forward, with gratitude, that we have something worth giving to others.

Do we choose to focus on all the rights we are due, or do we lend a hand, recognize our responsibility to humanity, educate ourselves, and strive to make all of our lives better?

Do we follow guidelines set in order to enrich the lives around us because it makes sense to show respect for the rights of others, or do we selfishly think that what matters is what we are asked to sacrifice, however minor it may be, so that someone else might benefit?

My sister allowed me to grow throughout my life. She didn’t push her beliefs on me; rather she shared her insights so I could ponder in my own mind and heart what any given experience might teach me for the future. She was wise beyond measure. Nowhere near perfect, but she was a teacher I am grateful I had for as long as I had her.

I strive to also share what I am capable of sharing. I know that “rules” seem arbitrary sometimes, and unnecessary and restricting. Choose to think of them, instead, as a way of protecting the enrichment of our community so that we preserve the good that we have accomplished by being together. Rules are only guidelines, but they are there for those who forget. They remind us that something we are doing might be making life difficult for someone else. They remind us that when we have boundaries, and we KNOW those boundaries, we are better able to interpret what is truly “ours”, and what is only there to be shared. Boundaries don’t only keep us in; they allow us to hold at bay that which might harm us. As parents, we were forever setting boundaries to protect our children and show how deeply we cared. And we were not always appreciated for it.

Every day I put one foot in front of the other, even though there are those who wish I would just go away. Why do I not? Because I care. My sister taught me that we do not give only to get something in return. We give because we want to give. We give because we were shown how to give. We give to grow. We give to show others how rewarding it is in and of itself.

And when it is our turn, we know that we have lived a good life fulfilled because we were able to give. It is the greatest lesson I have received, and I am merely passing it on to you… because I care.  For all of the many gifts I have received in my lifetime, I am deeply grateful.

Nancy Hanthorn




January 7, 2018  

Hello Residents of Second Bayshore, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

People Helping-

Many exciting positive changes have taken place since last year, and one of the most important is the numbers of owners becoming more actively involved in many different ways. There can be no way of saying thank you to all those who have come forward, but please know that all efforts to keep Second Bayshore up and running are greatly appreciated.

Twos News -

“Twos News” is a wonderful publication and many owners receive it, either in hand or by email. We are very grateful to Paula Viets, and now to Pat Baldwin as well, for providing this publication. It is an independent publication, though, and NOT an “official” record of meeting minutes or other reported matters. The Twos News will be handed out each first Monday of the month in the evening at the Building Rep meeting. Building reps will pass them out the next day. (Thank you, Building Reps, for all of your time and help)!

For official information (i.e. Board meeting minutes…), or for clarification if you have any questions, please contact the office (941) 755-6338, or send inquiries to the office address or to our website located at secondbayshore.com (click on “Contact Us”).  It is imperative that you be informed of any and all changes made… and it is your responsibility.

55 and Over Certification-

In order to maintain our certification as a true 55 and older association, records must be kept of who is here, and the date of birth for all residents. There is a form available to fill out, and along with that, a legal ID with date of birth must accompany this form. Please fill this out as soon as possible… we could lose our certification if this is not taken care of. If we lose it, we likely will never get it back!

Suggestion box-

It is wonderful for people to be using our Suggestion/Comment boxes in the Rec Hall and in the office. It is extremely important for the Board to keep track of issues and requests, and with all of the activity going on any given day, the Board cannot possibly remember all of what needs attention without this helpful tool. Thank you to all who continue to do your part by helping the Board to help YOU!! (It takes only a minute to fill one out, and saves OUR brains from being constantly on overload).

secondbayshore.com -

The website continues to be run beautifully, and contains important information, updated routinely, that is available 24/7. Please continue to consult the site, and please help friends and neighbors learn how to navigate it. There is a place (“Contact Us”) for feedback, questions…)

Census Forms-

It is time, once again, to update our census forms. It seems like only yesterday, right? For some, it may actually be! However, January of each year it will be requested of everyone to hand in a NEWLY updated form. Information changes often, and being in the midst of a hurricane, or building tenting is NOT the time to find out that we cannot contact you!

Visitors -

Reminder: PLEASE notify the office of any visitors you will be having.  We would like all visitors to feel welcome, and occasionally we have people show up who do not belong.  For safety reasons especially, informing the office is a simple task to perform. (Note- there are specific guidelines for different situations. Please call the office to keep informed).

Remodeling -

For most types of remodeling, the law requires that you hire workers who are licensed and insured to do the work. The contractor should provide the office with that information. For questions or clarification, always notify the office prior to beginning a project.

Patio Guidelines for Common Elements are available from the Office. Board approval is required.

Flooring guidelines are being created in an effort to reduce the noise factor between upstairs and downstairs neighbors. To be on the safe side, it is suggested to contact TWO flooring companies to get recommendations for noise reduction and follow those guidelines. This will ensure that floors will not have to be done over.

Closing thoughts -

I would like to personally recognize the existing Board of Directors for Second Bayshore, for working tirelessly to create an environment that is productive and transparent. There are countless hours put into maintaining this association, many of which go on outside of office hours!

Needed changes have been made, and while the office has become more organized (former files have been purged of unnecessary bulk, records have been updated and computerized) it is still limited in the amount of space needed to conduct all of the business that needs to happen. Please be patient when you come into the office. Personal information is confidential and we try our best to keep it that way. 

And on that note, one last comment needs to be made about the Sunshine Law. Any Board of Directors is bound by law to have an announced meeting whenever Board business and decisions are being made IF there is a quorum present. In the office, the daily activity that occurs often includes 2 or 3 Board members manning the phones and taking care of constant paperwork. Occasionally another Board member or 2 may come into the office to ask questions, communicate relevant situational information, or check for updates necessary. The Board has sought the counsel of our attorney for the best way of navigating this delicate balance. Please be assured that we will continue to be transparent in our actions, forthcoming with our information, and attempt as much as possible to conduct day-to-day business with our attention to being lawful in our behavior. If you see a situation that appears to be questionable, please bring it to our attention. We are all, as present members of our Board, dedicated to representing and maintaining this association with full attention to keeping the total membership informed and participating as we meet the needs before us in 2018. 

Nancy Hanthorn, President

Cecily Cerutti, VP/Secretary

Ron Knotts, Treasurer

Terry Harp, Maintenance

Steve Olmsted, At Large

Vic Sherburda, At Large